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About Me


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Baking have always been a passion of mine growing up as a little girl. I've always had a sweet tooth and have always been fascinated with how desserts are made. I started baking at the age of 15 out of my home.  I had my first bake sale outside of our family home and my neighbors were my first customers. I started advertising on Facebook and Instagram and began to  sell to friends and family. I made it my business to be the" go to person" for desserts in the office at work by baking cakes for my co-workers on their birthdays. I've taken several online cupcake, cake decorating,, and pastry courses, and I am now a certified baker in Michigan. When people taste my desserts, I want them to experience a sweet euphoria in every bite! My mission is to share my heart and my kitchen with each customer in every encounter!

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