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Custom Cake mix

A Sweet Euphoria in every bite 

Our cake mix is one of a kind. We make it our priority to provide an all natural, ready made cake mix with no preservatives added. Our cake mixes are purposed for the professional baker, and the home baker. Our cake mix will definitely satisfy your craving for one of your grandma's homemade baked cakes. No one will ever know that it is a prepackaged cake mix. Just follow the simple baking instructions and impress all of your friends and family. We also have gluten free options. Make your order today! 

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I absolutely love the sugar cookie mix! I made a batch for my family on Christmas, and no one knew that they were homemade! I will add these cookies to my holiday traditions 

Timberly Williams

We take pride in our cake mixes having a moist texture.

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Sugar cookies are best when they are soft baked.

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Our chocolate cake mix is fudgy and rich. 

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Our vanilla cake mix is created to have a homemade taste. It satisfies the need of the professional baker and the home baker. Although vanilla cakes are hard to master, our vanilla cake mix is the solution. 

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If your sugar cookies are not soft baked, you're just not doing it right. If you ever struggle with getting your sugar cookies soft, our sugar cookie mix is a fool proof mix, that will guaranteed a soft cookie every time. This batch makes 32 cookies. Store the leftover dough in the freezer for up to a month. 

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With the freshest ingredients, our chocolate cake mix is hand crafted to be one of the richest in taste. With the perfect amount of sweetness, this cake works well alone, or with your favorite frosting. 

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